Laurel Etheridge Laurel Etheridge is a certified Professional Geriatric Care Manager who has devoted the last 25 years of her career providing care and services to elders with cognitive loss. As a seasoned Care Manager Laurel can help with decision-making and solve obstacles the family may otherwise find insurmountable. The initial consultation is always free and can be scheduled with a simple phone call.
Laurel has held clinical and leadership roles for organizations such as the Institute on Aging in San Francisco, On Lok Senior Health by IOA/USCF, Senior Access, and Windchime of Marin. Having worked in the full continuum of elder care Laurel understands the eldercare “system” and can quickly identify the best resources available, explain how things work, who pays for what, and what benefits and entitlements you may qualify for often saving you money and time in the first visit.

What makes Laurel’s approach stand apart is her intuitive approach based on years of hands-on experience in dementia care. Laurel “speaks” dementia and can connect with even the most resistant elder in a non-threatening way and conduct an “informal” evaluation without the elder even being aware. From there she works with families to develop a plan of care and implement the best care and interventions within your budget.

In addition to her Care Management practice Laurel currently serves as a Dementia Care Specialist for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and as a Support Group Facilitator for the Alzheimer’s Association of the North Bay.