Here are some ways we can help:

  • How to pay for care – identifying options, benefits and entitlements

  • Dealing with resistance to care – practical and successful interventions

  • Screen for dementia and arrange for further testing and workup.

  • Home care:  help find and oversee in-home staff. 

  • Advocacy and oversight of hospital, skilled nursing, or assisted living care

  • Oversee healthcare and medications

  • Moving – how to bring it up, what to say, how to make it happen.

  • Finding the right care setting and help with every phase of the transition

  • Accompany clients to medical appointments; serve as advocate and liaison

  • Long distance care management

  • Assist with insurance and Medicare issues

  • Providing support and coaching to family members

  • Provide vetted referrals to doctors, lawyers, counselors, homecare agencies, move managers and more

How to Get Started:

CALL 415-640-0236

Give Laurel a call for a free introductory conversation to discuss your particular situation and how she might best help.

Laurel really helped us all through the roughest patch. We so appreciated her connections and expertise, her advice and her patience as we dealt with the emotionally charged situation of caring for a parent who did not want help
— T. M., San Francisco, CA.

The Consultation

If you’re not even sure where to start a consultation is a good first step. Consultations are generally an hour to 1 ½ hours.  You can come to Laurel’s office in Novato or she can meet you at a place of your choosing.  We will start by establishing what you hope to come away with at the end of the consultation and you will leave with an action plan complete with resources.  

Laurel thoroughly understands the eldercare “system”, and can quickly identify the best resources available, explain how things work, who pays for what, and what benefits and entitlements you may qualify for.  This kind of information often often saves you money as well as valuable time.

The Evaluation

The in-home evaluation is the first step in Care Management services.  Laurel will come to the client’s residence and evaluate their functional, cognitive, medical, and psycho-social needs.  If the elder is fearful or suspicious Laurel can perform an “informal” evaluation on the first visit and complete the evaluation over time. (See Alzheimer’s and dementia care)  The family will also be asked to fill out a form providing more detailed information and observations. 

The Plan of Care:

The plan of care is a written document that outlines the issues identified in the evaluation, the desired outcomes, and the plan of action.  This document is updated regularly as needs change.  The Plan of Care outlines the scope of the Care Management for your approval.

Regular client visits:

A mainstay of Care Management is the client visit.  Visits are generally once or twice a month depending on the plan of care.  It is important for the Care Manager to observe the client in person in order to monitor for changes in health, medications, mood, behavior, and to oversee the care that is being provided.  You will receive a report after each visit with a plan to address any new needs that have been identified.

24/7 availability:

Care Management is available 24/7 so you can rest assured that the older adult in your life will be taken care of when you are not available.

Family meetings

Often it is important to gather the whole family to discuss care options, make decisions, or mediate conflict. Laurel has training in group work and mediation which, combined with her expertise in eldercare, can help the entire family system come together in support of an elder. A family meeting is structured with goals and an agenda so that everyone has the opportunity to be heard. It may take more than one meeting to accomplish complex goals and/or come to a consensus. Call Laurel to further discuss your family’s needs.

Crisis intervention and urgent situations:

Laurel excels in helping families needing urgent assistance and can cut through red tape to make things happen quickly.