"Working with Laurel has been a godsend."

"Being given the responsibility for taking care of my mother by both my brothers and father was a welcome burden, but a burden nevertheless. I don’t know anything about navigating the byways of long term care, dealing with dementia, or having the time to deal with the many appointments and follow-up care needed for someone of my mother’s age and mental condition. Having Laurel available to my family to provide counseling and wisdom as well as the wonderful rapport she has developed with my mother has been a huge relief, a great help and she does it all with humor, compassion and, most of all, an enormous amount of patience (mostly with me)."

— Jordan Shields, Novato, Sept. 15, 2014


Laurel is truly a gifted Geriatric Care Manager.”

"Laurel’s knowledge, empathy, and compassion towards the elderly create a comfortable and trusting environment for both the elder and their family.

Laurel knows how to listen, how to respond… and she speaks the language of dementia… this is a skill not everyone can attain. Laurel has an innate way of understanding the person with dementia and it shows in her relationships with her clients and their families.

The stress of dealing with all of the changes our loved one might have to go through when they have dementia can seem insurmountable. Laurel has a way of explaining things so that the issues involved become manageable. I would not hesitate to recommend Laurel … she is stellar."

Patricia Kay Spinks, June 15, 2013

I am thrilled that you’ve been able to work with my Dad and receive his trust.”

"Thanks for everything, Laurel. I am thrilled that you’ve been able to work with my Dad and receive his trust. From my phone calls with him, I sense that he is relying on you and is happy with the results. My state of mind is much improved; I keep reminding him having help in California isn’t so much for him, it’s for me. I just want to make sure he is as happy and comfortable as possible, he deserves it!

My wife was my “adviser” from afar as I worked with Dad to get things set up when I was out in California. She’s very familiar with all of the situations over the years and shares my joy at finally getting Dad to the position where he’s safer and getting some help."

Lenice Cally Smith, MBA
Director, Hired Hands Homecare Novato
February 12, 2012

"I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Laurel Etheridge and found her standard and compassion for our clients very high. Laurel is informed in her decision making and supports our clients through what can be a very difficult time. We appreciate her expertise and look forward to a long standing relationship with Etheridge Care Management..."

Lenice Cally Smith


You really helped us all through the roughest patch.”

"I’m writing to say thank you again for all you did for our family. You really helped us all through the roughest patch. We so appreciated your connections and expertise in locating appropriate housing, doctors, etc., your advice and patience with all of us as we dealt with the emotionally charged situation of caring for a parent who did not want help, and most of all, your friendship with dad. Those outings with you and your dog Max provided real bright spots in a dark time in his life."

T. M. San Francisco
February 4, 2012

I am truly grateful.”

"Thank you for the excellent advocacy you gave on my sister’s behalf. I am truly grateful. I am so appreciative of the exceptional coordination, in-depth care, and sensitivity in meeting her care needs in what is a complicated ever changing routine of meds and other factors. I am grateful for you keeping me informed on the details, logic and how to’s in the many possibilities of avenues open to her which you know of and have advocated on her behalf.

My very best to you, and again thank you!"

Long-distance sister of a client
June 2013.


I’m very glad to recommend Laurel Etheridge’s care management services.”

"I’m very glad to recommend Laurel Etheridge’s care management services. She artfully helped me make a very difficult decision. Laurel’s a great listener, always attending to what is best for an individual situation. Laurel has lots of experience—so her recommendations are practical, but they’re also respectful of the elder and caregiver. Her ideas and suggestions have made things easier for my father and me.

Laurel genuinely cares about the elderly—and the kind, generous ways she relates to elders show this. I think the most important thing I’ve learned from her is to acknowledge and accept the moment my father lives in. Through her example, she’s helped me learn how to join his “moment”—so the time we spend together is simpler and less stressful for him. I no longer worry about helping him negotiate reality but can better support him in living where his mind takes him each day. I’ve never seen Laurel angry or frustrated in her dealings with those with dementia—her voice is always calm. Anyone who deals regularly with someone with dementia knows what strength of character this takes. Laurel is a wonderful resource for those of us who care for a elderly family member—and I’ll continue to seek her perspective and draw on her experience as my father’s dementia progresses."

Cindy Shearer
San Rafael, CA
November 8, 2010

I am not sure I could have made it through these years without Laurel’s superb help”

"I have been working with Laurel Etheridge for five years in relation to my Mom who has dementia. I am not sure I could have made it through these years without Laurel’s superb help. Laurel was always so helpful in explaining my Mom’s condition and how we could proceed with better care.

Laurel was fantastic at helping my Mom and helping me understand the situation better,organizing the appropriate care and taking care of me during these very severe times. Without the patience, care, client understanding, communication skills, and understanding of the industry and how it interacts, I am not sure my Mom would be so content and I am a much more tranquil and less frightened person.

Laurel is a superstar and few in the industry can compare. I feel I know as I have worked both privately and as a researcher in this area. Laurel can do the job with efficiency, effectiveness, and loving care. I cannot recommend her enough!"

K.W. Kendall, PhD, retired Professor,
Hospitality,Service, and International Business Management, Washington
December 20, 2010